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Our Stud Dogs

We Carefully Consider Every Important & Tiny Detail in the Breeding & Producing Of Wonderful Family Friendly-Breeding Friendly, and Show Friendly CKC Registered Pomeranian's For You!

We take The Highest Quality {Royally bred by some of the longest standing quality top producers} and then taking these Pomeranian's, to the next level, in a wide range of Exotic & Rare Colours, while always being honest with ourselves and with everyone else, at Pom Parti Paws!

This intense Scrutiny of bloodlines, Health and every aspect of Proper Conformation, and a big one-DISPOSITION ensures you are getting a Pomeranian of Health & Quality.

I have over 34 years in the Art of Breeding-in Canine Physiology, and just as much experience with getting the "Right & Proper"  Rounded Disposition, while retaining proper structure, health, willingness, Intelligence, and all wrapped up in a beautiful Package of colour, Just For You!

This is "MY LIFE's Love & Work" & Dedication to the "Pomeranian" as it should be!


We have One new arrival-scroll down to see this youngster!




Zorro is a very Personable, Social, Very nicely rounded boy, with Tons of Luxurious thick double coat, and he is small!


He is a rare "WOLF SABLE" with a Black Mask {hence the name} He has nice conformation, short back, big expressive eyes, tiny face-Note this picture angle was taken to show his mask, while show casing his beautiful soulful eyes! Zorro is unique, and forms Our Elite Wolf Sable Breeding Program! He is a future Sire to "Show &/or Breeding Quality" Progeny, which we will be retaining-to give you more Wolf Sables!

There will likely be a quality Pet or two, (available) that we will be accepting applications on to an approved home :)

Zorro Is One Of Our sweetest 

"WOLF SABLE"  SHOW & Breeding Boy!

He is very honest, straight forward, and as smart as they come, with a tiny Mischievous side when playing {Absolutely Adorable}

Zorro is Sired by a 

Canadian Champion "Quinn", whom is also sired by a  Champion and has many Champions throughout his pedigree!  Zorro will also be adding-SOLID WOLF SABLE Colouring to form our Diverse Pedigreed Wolf Sable breeding program! He comes from a long line of Health tested & cleared

"Wolf Sable with & without the Mask" -Dark Wolf Sable & Light Wolf Sable!

His Wolf Sable Progeny will be available to select "Vetted" homes in 2021 and beyond!


Zorro has produced several beautiful Wolf Sable, Chocolate Sable Parti factored, and Sable parti factored. In addition to these colours he has also given us Black, Orange Sable. All of his progeny have intelligence, great disposition's, and of course very thick double coats!  

Zorro Attended his first ever Canadian Dog Show in 2019!

The Dog Show was hosted by the Battle River Canine Association, All Breed Championship Dog Show.

Zoro was handled by Cassidy, and took 1 second place, and 3 first places his first weekend out! We couldn't be more happy with his achievements, or with Cassidy's handling! This young girl has a natural talent for showing dogs in a professional manner, and for a young girl, this is impressive to be sure! A great big "Thank you!" to Cassidy, from Pom Parti Paws & Peggy Habke! :)



Neo is a [Dilute Chocolate-factored] Beaver Sable Piebald Parti! 

He has a sensitive nature, and a very peaceful way of being in our family. He has wonderful intelligence, which makes training him in anything super easy, and fun! He is our smallest Stud Dog at only 4.5 pounds, with nice conformation. He is our beloved pet, with impeccable manners! 
 He does not carry the Merle factor.

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CandyLitter 7Weeks 008-1
CandyLitter 7Weeks 008-1
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This colourful Pomeranian has arrived! 

This Handsome little Man's name is Hollywood, and just as his name suggests-he is bright, has charisma, loads of intelligence, Enchanting style and a forward reaching Movement, in which he floats across the ground! A very Happy and outgoing personality!! He loves everyone he meets, humans too, Lol! He is very correct, cobby little body, short back, short legs, very nice topline, proper 6 x 6 bite, soulful eyes, and a willing attitude! This lil guy is small at 14 weeks he only weighs 2 lbs. The colour on this Parti is very nice indeed!

Additional pictures will be made available very soon! 

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Canadian Champion Casanova

Update! Casanova has produced Wolf Sable, Black & Silver, and Cream Sable as well as various Parti colours!


Casanova is a stunning Wolf Sable boy, with a ton of the "Look at me" attitude. He is confident, out going, loving, and very clever! He has an amazing disposition, impeccable manners for one so young, (he is very great to work with) his intelligence shines through. His conformation is, in our opinion "Stellar" in every way. Casanova has a coat that rivals many, and for one so young no less than amazing! He is our much anticipated, and much adored "show Dog"

He is clear on the following; eyes, patella's, and comes from a long line of tested, and clear Sire's and Dam's.

He boasts a wonderful pedigree, with Champions  close up & behind him.

 He is a Grandson of Can. Champion Showin's Silver Eclipse! We are Thankful for this wee little guy! We are so excited for Casanova's future; he embodies everything we hoped and dreamed for. Casanova is a great example of "Showin's Pom's" Breeding program in the USA.


Casanova is a Canadian Champion 2021!

Taking BEST Of BREED, Winners male, and numerous First's (6), in his first Show of the 2019 season!

The Prince Albert Kennel & Obedience Club. Casanova was professionally handled by Trudy Taphorn, a huge Thank you to Trudy & the Judge's for seeing his charisma, and style.


Casanova will be Siring select Litters in 2022!



Amor is Our White Pomeranian Boy! This youngster was charting to be 4 lbs, however he has grown to 6 lbs at maturity.

Amor is as his name suggests, he is a loving Pom that lives for play time, and cuddles! He is intelligent, and is therefore a quick study when learning new things!

Amor is a half brother to our "Casanova", so he is well bred, and comes from healthy descendants. Amor has produced only a few puppies, they are of good quality, and correct. We are pleased with him as a stud.

New Pictures coming in 2022!


This wee fellow is our "Parti coloured" Pomeranian Boy! A homebred Pom Parti Paws Boy!

His name is Maverick, and it totally suits him! He is highly intelligent, very loving, and he has "SWAGGER" and a Willingness to please! He comes from a long line of health tested Pomeranians, and has numerous Champion's in his lineage, His Sire is Also a Canadian Champion.

Maverick has had a "Look at me" attitude from very young, and so it is no surprise that he will be starting his SHOW Career very soon!

He has movement, charisma, abundant coat, soulful eyes, and an Enchanting personality!

UPDATE: due to covid restrictions, we have not "yet" been able to Show Maverick. we are hoping to be able to show him in 2022!

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Below we have given you a glimpse into the colours, and Quality Pom Parti Paws Produces For You!

~These puppies have all been adopted into Loving homes ~