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About Us

My Journey...

My love for dogs started at the tender age of three where I witnessed my mother, breeding and finding loving homes for the “Boston Terrier.” As time went on I learned to “care” for these wee babies, with my mom’s supervision of course. Years later on my own, I fell in love with a White Shepherd named “Sandy.” Sandy was a pretty dog, but lacked the intelligence I had hoped for, and expected in a German Shepherd dog. It wouldn’t become apparent how important a good gene pool/Pedigree of QUALITY was, until my poor Sandy became ill. I did a ton of research talking to experts in the field, and basically it came down to “a Quality Breeder, with Quality Bloodlines, AND a Larger gene pool, was KEY” White German Shepherds (back then) came from a very small gene pool, thus sometimes unknown to the Breeder, they would “double up” on certain genetic issues, this created mild to severe issues in the resulting off spring.

I worked with Doberman Pincher’s, and eventually imported a wonderful Blue and Tan female we called Velvet…she was perfect! She and her daughters and Granddaughters taught me much in the area of “Color” their effects (if any), genetics, pedigree’s and so forth. Yes, I even tried my hand at Showing, and training the “working dog” too. It was incredibly rewarding!

I later on gravitated to the “Working German Shepherd Dog”, in particular Police Service dogs, both breeding them and training them. During the years I also trained and did behavioural work for every kind of breed, and Heinz 57. It was about helping be the “VOICE” of the dogs-to their owner’s, so that they would understand and find peace and harmony together as Owner and Best Friend could only do, through  listening and communication.

I eventually retired from doing the “all breed training” and focused solely on breeding and training for my own purposes { for the  “Heartridge Academy”} and that of the working dog, and Police Service dogs. I did things the right way, everyone in my breeding program was also trained up fully, in their given jobs; WHY? How would a person know if the Sire and Dam would produce a “genetically healthy and workable structure/disposition/drives” in their progeny, if I did not put the dogs through the proper “real-life” tests? There are numerous areas that must all be considered when “breeding” it is to be an advocate for the Dog, or Horse. To be honest with yourself about why you are breeding, and for what purpose; these two questions are part of the many vitally important questions one must ask themselves, and be totally honest about, whenever considering breeding.




Throughout the years I had two sisters’ that were breeding their respective small breed dogs; one was “Miniature-Toy Poodles” and the other sister “Pugs”. Their endeavours into breeding also taught me a lot, as I was “hands-on, and was always interested in learning” I took it one step further by actively donating my time at a Veterinary Clinic, to learn as much as I could. 

In 2014 I Graduated and became a Certified Equine Assisted Personal Coach, due to my strong belief in the healing power of animals, in particular the Horse and the Dog. The EAPD Alumni are some of the most sincere, honest, and caring people I have ever known, or been a part of!





Our helping with this education includes people with PTSD, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Behavioural, Developmental disabilities, Social Challenges and so forth.

In 2016 I became a Certified  "Equi-Aid Health" First Aid, and advanced First Aid Certified technician.


So it is many, many years later that I have found myself completely consumed by the love I have for the Tiny Toy Babies, called: “POMERANIAN.” Now, middle aged, and having gone through much, throughout my life, I thank the lord for bringing me to where I find myself today. I'm always learning, and will continue to learn for the rest of my life.

I'm finding these wonderful Toy dogs, known as Pom's, a pure joy to behold, and to breed them very rewarding. They rival some of the greatest intelligence in dogs that I have ever known, trained and loved!



Pom Parti Paws is born of the belief, and backed by science, that dogs help heal people. They warn people of impending danger, to health or Person, from Cancer to Aneurysm's, and so forth, (yes, I have personally witnessed this as well). "Dogs never Lie About Love" is a great read, and very true! They only want to be loved and cared for, their love is unconditional, it's the least we can do for them given all that they do for us.

We are breeder's, and of the older set who "believe" that although not every Pomeranian produced here or with other breeders for that matter, are not always a "Show Dog" they have a great purpose in life! No matter their Pedigree, Colour, or Sire & Dam, they are loving little souls that give us far more than most people ever give back to them!

We are one of the few exceptions where we actually promote "other breeders"  that we personally know, rather than condemn them , and/or paint them with a less than favourable brush. Why should this matter to you?  If a person is condemning another Breeder without cause, this is in my opinion a person who might possibly be someone who hasn't done the "Actual & Proper Investigative work" it takes to learn the proper facts-to jump to conclusions is simply in bad taste, and gives "Breeders" every where a bad name. After over 33 years of breeding, I have seen it all, and heard it all, and it pains me to see other Breeders rip other breeders apart, these people generally have great breeding programs, but albeit are newbies [less than a decade or more] to the breeding world. Be smart and educate yourselves, not all breeders are created equal. Most are in it for the love of the breed, but not all of them! This is for us, all for the love of the Pomeranian! A Dog is a lifetime commitment, Pomeranian's can and do live upwards of 14 yrs old!




Peggy Habke is a retired Canine Master Trainer, Behaviourist and Expert Witness. She has also delved into Genetics for the Canine and more recently the Equine. Peggy has worked hand in hand with Police Services throughout North America, with a highly decorated background in everything from working with men/women that have left abusive situations, to travelling far and wide to find the right Canine to be matched with the right person! 

She has delivered numerous public speeches and classes on the Canine and the psychology of such, as well as interactions, when and if needed referring to a qualified Licensed Practitioner. This is an expert science requiring many years of hands-on experience to develop understanding of the Canine and the Person. The work was exhausting, and after serving Police Services, SAR, Veterans, Victims of Crime, the Canine, working with Therapy dogs in Hospice as well as palliative care wards, Peggy reached out to the Horse in 1984 as a way of helping her release the burdens she carried from over 30 years in this industry.

A life-altering accident changed forever Peggy’s ability to communicate freely as she once had, so she turned to the healing power of her beloved Equines and Canines. They were there for her through 25+ procedures and surgeries of reconstruction. When Peggy faced the news in 2012 that she had contracted “life threatening” infection during a bone grafting surgery, it is the greatest, most compassionate medical team in Canada - and her Equine and Canine companions - that she thanks for being with us today!

Peggy and her family have very strong belief in the effectiveness of Canine Therapy and Equine Therapy in giving perspective to an injured soul, and YES! To help heal that soul! 

Proud member of the Royal Canin Breeders Privilege Program

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