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Health & Your Pomeranian

This Page is intended to give you a simple overview of some of the more common things to watch out for in your Pomeranian, this in no way is intended to treat, or diagnose a "potential" problem with your Dog.

All links, or references must be used at your own discretion-this information is being supplied as a courtesy only.

All Pomeranian's grow at different rates, some start out small and gain weight quickly and then level out. Other pom babies start out small and gain steadily, but slowly! Genetic's Always play a role in the expected guesstimate of an Adult weight. For this reason we do not guarantee a Pomeranian's weight.

New! Below you will see a link to "KnowYourDNA" This is an exceptional Educational Website to help you understand your furry forever companion on a Genetic level!



Information on the Novel Coronavirus- Covid -19

 We have added a link for information related to this Pandemic


This site has great educational information! Check them out!


They also have information about your pet, and the Corona Virus!

These two links above have been added as a courtesy, please use at your discretion.






Canine Distemper;

These are some of the more common viruses, which can leave your Pomeranian in a Life threatening situation, and requires Immediate Veterinary attention, Do NOT Wait to seek Medical help! Minutes count! It could mean the difference between your Pom living and dying.

If in doubt, contact your veterinary clinic anyway!


There are many different types of Bacteria, however we are going to list some of the more severe, which can result in:








Clostridia Perfringens;



The Fungi listed below are some of the types that can make your Pom very ill!

We have listed them here for you to understand that it is possible for any human being to come into contact with these Fungi, and then accidentally spread it to your Pomeranian, without ever knowing it, until your baby becomes ill.


NOTE*This is also why we do not allow anyone to handle our babies until they are vaccinated- at least their first vaccination, which is when they have a little better immune system, albeit not even close to an Adults immunity. A baby puppy's immune system takes time to develope*




General Health Information

Here you will find General  Health Information as well as Breed specific Information


Puppy Teeth/Care/Teething/What to do for retained teeth; 

Patella Luxation in Pomeranians:


Liver Shunt in Pomeranians;

Pomeranian "Puppy Uglies" stage;

Pomeranian Grooming:

Pomeranian Black Skin Disease:

Pomeranian Ear care/info:

Pomeranian "Reverse Sneeze":

Pomeranian Allergies:

Pomeranian Sizes & Throwback Size:

Below you will find an exceptional website link that is very informative, educational, and an excellent resource that I personally have read and is, in my opinion, very beneficial to people, and animals alike!

I have spoken to the Founder "Donna Moore"  of this educational website.I believe this is a must for anyone interested in investigating your Dog or Cat's background, inherited colour, or genetic predisposition, health and so much more!

Check them out!

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