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We have no Retiree's available at this time, thank you!

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All Our Pomeranian Pups/dogs are Canadian Kennel Club  Registered


1st Vaccinations/ de-wormed

Health checked on Eyes, Heart, Lungs,Patellas, Fontanelle, Testicles, Balance, and overall General Health, by our Licensed Veterinarian. 

Then they are Certified [health cert] at 7 weeks of age, and at 8 weeks ready to come home to you!

In addition to this we have "Profiled and PAT tested" your puppy and will have given you insight into their disposition (through bi-weekly updates as they grow)  & their Ultimate Potential.

Please note- we cannot & do not guarantee colour or size, Pom babies go through many changes in their first year of life-I cannot foresee the future where this is concerned.

I do use as much science as possible, and information/charts to determine the most likely Colour &/or Size.

We do not have a waiting list, and will not until further notice.

The clients that are on my previous list will be contacted when there are baby Pomeranian Puppies Available.

To My Clients:

Please check in with me via text-780-660 6638

Depicted below are some Pomeranians that we have Provided to our Clients. This is being supplied to give you a little insight into our different Pomeranians, at different ages. Some of these puppies are in their "puppy uglies" stage-they are easily recognized by the larger looking ears, and a sparse coat-when they mature they will have full double coats. :)




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There are many possibilities for color, I have listed only a fraction of my pictures of Pom babies-now residing in their forever homes!

Pictures are  from the year 2018 to Spring 2020, on this slide Gallery Above.

These are examples Only, and provided for your enjoyment.

Each and every baby puppy is unique in temperament as well as colour/Size/Show, Service Dog, or Pet

*There are more pictures of some of my Pom's on my gallery page*


Tuppence-This Girl will be Bred [Summer 2021] to give us Potential Show Puppies! She will be meeting a New Top Parti Stud in 2021! We are expecting Show puppies!


Treasure- This girl is our Black Pom, with parti factor. She will be bred to Zorro [late summer/early Fall 2021] This will be her first litter!


Loni-This Girl will be bred to a Stunning Canadian Champion,  Late Fall/Winter of 2021-One puppy will be retained by Pom Parti Paws-we are expecting Show & Pet puppies.

*Please Note*

Tuppence will be bred this summer, and her puppies will be held back as we will be choosing at least 1 from this breeding, this means that her babies will be posted here once I have chosen my pick. 

Loni will be bred this Late Fall, and her babies will be held back as we will be choosing 1 Puppy from this breeding, this means that her babies will be posted here once I have chosen my pick

We do not have any puppies available at this time, please check back!

-Any available Pom Babies pictures will be posted here!-

If you are sincere in acquiring a Healthy Quality Pom Parti Paws Puppy, kindly contact me as soon as the Puppy Pictures are posted here, TEXT ME AT (780) 660 6638 

Text messages will be answered first, then emails. We require your information, and info. on your lifestyle, preferences on Gender & Colour, and of course references.

Thank you!

P.S. Due to Covid we have had to change the way we do business {No waiting Lists}-we have been overwhelmed with people wanting our Pom Puppies.

Thank you for your understanding ~Peggy~

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*Please Note*

We No Longer have a Waiting List.

Thank You!