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Policies and Ethics

  • We breed for ourselves first for a prospective show prospect(s) , agility prospect(s) and/or breeding purposes.

    We Occasionally sell our Pomeranian's with breeding rights, to vetted, Small breeders, of Quality.


  • We do not operate on a “First Come, First Serve” basis. Rather we profile the puppies/dogs and match them with the New Owner. This is why we request as much information about you, your lifestyle, experience, and knowledge about the “Toy” Pomeranian as possible.

  • We require a minimum deposit of $500.00 CAD per puppy which is non-refundable. This deposit goes towards the total purchase price of the pup.

  • Pups will not be marked sold until paid for in full.

  • A puppy with a deposit placed on him/her is considered a “sale pending” and as such responsibilities for health care is the New Owner’s, apart from the first veterinary inspection, vaccination, and de-worming which is covered by the Breeder.

  • Deposits must be received within 24 hours of the New Owner contacting us/deciding to purchase a pup/dog. Failure to get a deposit to us in this time frame will result in the pup being considered &/or sold to another client.

  • No dog or Puppy will be held without a deposit placed on him or her. No exceptions.

  • Once you have placed a deposit on your pup, we will update you with pictures every 2 weeks of your puppy growing.

  • Puppies will always be placed at the Breeder’s discretion. Some baby pups are too tiny to leave at 8 weeks, so we reserve the right to decide when the right time will be according to how they mature.

  • No pup will be placed before 8 weeks of age, ever.

  • We do charge for boarding as soon as a puppy reaches 10 weeks of age, this is $10.00/day-arrangements must be made at the time of putting down a deposit on your chosen puppy, for him/her to stay longer than 8 weeks of age.


  • We reserve the right to refuse a sale of a dog or puppy, at our discretion, for any reason.

  • All Pomeranian's are sold with being CKC Registered, and will come to the New Owner with a Puppy Pack; information for you, a sample of their food, a blanket with their Dam & litter mates scent, and a toy.

  • Unless agreed to in writing between the New Owner and the Breeder, “all Pomeranian's are sold on a Non Breeding contract, with Limited Registration, and a Spay or Neuter clause in effect”

  • The New Owner will have 72 hours to take their new Pomeranian to a Licensed Vet for a full exam, and to report back to us the same, with a copy of the vet report.

  • We accept E-Transfers.

  • You will be given a receipt for all monies paid.

  • If in doubt, the Pom Parti Paws Contract will always prevail, as a Mutual Agreement between the Breeder-“Pom Parti Paws”, and the New Owner - You.

  • All Pomeranian’s will be Veterinary Inspected by our Vet, vaccinated, and de-wormed, and come with the information stating as such.

  • All Pomeranian's have a written “Health Guarantee” in our Contract.

  • In the rare event a Pomeranian needs to be replaced the only option is replacement, as stated in the contract. No monies will be paid out by the Breeder.

  • All Pomeranian's are sold on a “Pom Parti Paws” Written Contract Only.

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