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Presenting Our Show Dogs &Prospects

2021-Canadian Champion "Casanova"

Scroll down to see his pictures! 



Up Date On Casanova!

Casanova competed  for the first time in the ring as a Junior puppy in Regular Classes at the Lloydminster Dog Show. His handler Cassidy  competed against Adults and Professional Handlers alike, and the pair of them walked away with 3 points towards his Championship Title! Taking  Winner's Male AND Best Of Winners!

I couldn't be more proud of both Cassidy and my Casanova! Thank you to all who supported both of them this 28th day of September, 2018! 

A Special Thank you to Terra, Cassidy, Carmen, Jackie, and Sharon for making this such a Wonderful Day to Remember!


A Sincere Thank you to

Cathy French Photography.

Casanova is a stunning Wolf Sable boy, with a ton of the "Look at me" attitude. He is confident, out going, loving, and very clever! He has an amazing disposition, impeccable manners for one so young, His conformation is, in our opinion "Stellar" in every way. Casanova has a coat that rivals many, and for one so young no less than amazing! He is our much anticipated, and much adored "show puppy", that is now being Shown.

He is clear on the following; eyes, patella's, and comes from a long line of tested, and clear Sire's and Dam's.

He boasts a wonderful pedigree,with Champions  close up & behind him :) He is a Grandson of Can. Champion Showin's Silver Eclipse! We are so excited for Casanova's future; he embodies everything we hoped and dreamed for.

August 2018

Up Date On Casanova!

At Casanova's first show 

~Edmonton Kennel Club~

on Friday, August 10th

Casanova took Best Baby Puppy in Breed Male (3-6 months) Conformation.

Handled by Cassidy!

Way to go Cassidy, you have a Great Natural Ability!

Casanova's & Cassidy's Sept.2018 Lloydminster Dog Show WIN!

September 2018 Lloydminster  Dog Show  Winners! Cassidy & Casanova!


OCTOBER 26TH-28TH 2018

Cassidy Terra & Casanova Do It Again!

Casanova competed in the Battle River Canine Association in Camrose, AB. Regular Classes- at the All Breed Championship Dog Show! 

Casanova Taking Winner's Male & First on all 3 consecutive Days, also taking

BEST Of Winners!

Handled by Cassidy & Terra! Thank you!

I would like to personally Thank the Judges for Judging and appreciating Casanova!


Stay Tuned for News on Casanova's Next

All Breed Championship Dog Show Of


Casanova only needs 3 more points to become a 

Canadian Champion!


Casanova In Red Deer, AB. December 2018

Casanova competed in the All Breed Championship Dog Show-Conformation at the Westerner, Hosted by the RED DEER & DISTRICT Kennel Club. 

He was handled by Jackie Billows on all 3 consecutive days.

Amongst 2 reserve Winners, he received Winners Male, 2 First's, Best Puppy In Breed, and the lovely BEST OF BREED!

Conformation Dog Show Red Deer


Casanova is well on his way to becoming a Canadian Champion!

Update! Casanova is starting out 2019 with style & Charisma!

Taking BEST Of BREED, Winners male, and numerous First's (6), in his first Show of the 2019 season!

The Prince Albert Kennel & Obedience Club. Casanova was professionally handled by Trudy Taphorn, a huge Thank you to Trudy & the Judge's for seeing his charisma, and style. He acquired far too many ribbons to put on this page, but here are a few of the ribbons!

Casanova also attended the Battle River Canine Association Dog Show and took First Place on Both Days, Handled by Trudy Taphorn's lovely Assistant! Thank you!

Casanova is being tested through Animal Genetics for being homozygous for the Aw/Aw!


Casanova Is A New Canadian Champion!

with 3 major points towards his GCH Title!

~2021 ~

DSC_0219_ Habke.jpg

Professionally Handled by


Trudy Taphorn Depicted Herein

Can. Champion




Zorro Has begun his 2019 Show Career!

Zorro is a very Personable, Social, Very nicely rounded boy, with Tons of Luxurious thick double coat, and he comes from a Long line of health tested Pomeranians.


He is a rare "WOLF SABLE" with a Black Mask {hence the name} He has nice conformation, short back, big expressive eyes, tiny face-Note this picture angle was taken to show his mask, while show casing his beautiful soulful eyes! Zorro is unique, and forms Our Elite Wolf Sable Breeding Program! He is a future Sire to "Show &/or Breeding Quality" Progeny, which we will be retaining-to give you more Wolf Sables!

Zorro is a very intelligent and very well mannered Boy!

Zorro will be tested through Animal Genetics for being homozygous for the Aw/Aw (WOLF SABLE)

Stay Tuned for updates! More to follow...

Zorro-A Canadian Show Dog
Zorro-Owned By Pom Parti Paws


Pom Parti Paws Valentino

This Lovely Boy has an amazing Strut! Yes! he was born this way! The movement on this wee fellow is nothing short of perfection, and is very "showy" as a result.

We weren't too sure if he was a Black & Silver at birth, or a Wolf Sable-he is a Wolf Sable, and he also carries Parti factor!!

His double coat is immensely thick, and at 13 weeks of age, it takes 2.5 hours to groom him thoroughly after a bath, and blow dry to get ready for a Show!

He is tiny, only 3.11 pounds, but his hair makes him look bigger than he actually is.

We presented Valentino (a Pom Parti Paws Bred son) to the Canadian Show World at the end of May, and the beginning of June 2019 at the Northern Alberta Canine Association, All Breed Championship Dog Show, held in Edmonton, Alberta.

Valentino was shown exclusively by my daughter ; Krystal O'Neill. Krystal is a natural with all dogs, but in particular learning for the first time how to Show a Pomeranian Puppy-I take my hat off to her, for doing such an amazing job with our youngster, at such a big Show!

Valentino was up against some very tough competition, and did extremely well! We are so pleased in 3 days he took 1 Reserve [Baby Puppy] Winners Male, and 2 first places!  under three different CKC Judges.

We are pleased that a baby puppy can do this well his first time out!

Our Congratulations to Rachael with her baby puppy-Prince, as well as Cassidy Penner with Dolly, and of course Jackie Billows with Tony, as well as all the other competitors in the baby puppy group.

MAVERICK-Showing in 2022!

Pom Parti Paws "Maverick"

Maverick is a POM PARTI PAWS Bred Boy!

He has the sweetest disposition ever!

Maverick has a "look at me" attitude, movement, and has exceptional intelligence!

Add to this his confirmation, and the fact that he is a Parti, well they don't get much better than this!

We are proud of this young fella, and once the Dog Show world opens back up, we have plans to Show this small but mighty Pomeranian boy!

Maverick weighs 4.2 pounds at just a little over a year old, so he will not get much bigger than this.

His Dam is "Tuppence" on our girls page, he received beautiful markings from his Dam-she is unique, as she gives us Parti puppies, even though she is a Black/Silver & Tan-she has wonderful genetics, and a disposition to match!

Just like his Dam, Maverick loves to play in the water! He has an amazing reach, and beautiful Strut, when on a lead. He is a very honest boy, so what you see is what you get with his disposition!

"Maverick" is depicted above! 

ROXY ROLLER-Showing in 2023!

1-2021-website copy_edited.jpg


"Roxy" is a very well rounded little girl! She is a true Alpha, so does tend to keep everyone in check! This is a confident little girl, she's only 4 lbs, who has beautiful movement, correct conformation, gorgeous thick coat, and is very intelligent! She comes to us from Edward & Coreena and we feel very blessed to have the opportunity to not only have her as an addition to our family, but also with the possibility of showing this wee girl in 2023! 

Watch Out for this little fire cracker!

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