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Update! Bailey Babies at 17 days old! Two lovely POM Baby Boys, SOLD!

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

So I've decided to start writing this Blog, to keep in touch with you, and let you in on a little of my days &/or the week's endeavours-in general :)

We spent a lot of time this past weekend, taking photo's, playing with the Pom babies, clipping nails, bathing, loving and cuddling as much as possible.

So I have Pneumonia, 3 weeks in now, and several different Med's, so I can only hope I start to breathe & feel better very soon! It all started with the "Flu" [this happened to me last year too], 1 month or so before the Flu vaccine comes out and I get the Flu, Lol.

I digressed, I don't feel like doing to much, except for Caring & loving my babies, and of course keeping the new Owners, Samantha, Jenna, & Bonnie up to date on their soon to become "New Members Of the Family"

A shout out to Terra Penner, who will also be getting 2 Beautiful Pom Parti Paws Pomeranian Babies; 1 Wolf Sable Baby Boy, and 1 Champagne White baby girl!

So this leaves me with the two wee little boys, that I'm posting pictures of today :) 1 is a Sable Parti Pom, and 1 is a White/Champagne they are!! These Babies have found forever homes!

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