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This is a time to create our own New Normal!

So this Pandemic has taught me something-to SLOW DOWN-to take in each and every day with gratitude, and appreciation!

I have planted a garden, groomed all of my precious Pomeranians daily, spent time just hanging out with them, both in their summer outside spaces, and in my home :) I LOVE my Pom's, their Love is unconditional, and very healing at a time when there are great changes taking place-it is their love, and constant devotion to their "human family" that should remind us that we need to be kind, and caring, even in the face of adversity. We can in fact learn so very much by just watching our precious dogs, or puppies!

I've been watching Mila gradually get a little more "round" with the babies she is carrying-yes, she is going to have Pom puppies in about a months time! While these babies are growing, it reminds me that life is a precious gift, so we should not waste it. Take the time to tell your loved ones how much you love them!

My husband and I have been planting, and getting all the farm machinery ready for this 2020 growing season. We are hay farmer's, and this year we will be adding a few cattle/calves to our operation, we have decided that we need to be a little more diversified.

We still have our Friesian, Friesian sport horses, and Warlanders, so they also get to have their grooming sessions, much easier to groom them out than our Pomeranians, Lol. I enjoy grooming, as it gives me more 1 on 1 time with our dogs, and horses, and they love it!

The above Picture is of Belle, and Tuppence, two of my lovely girls!


'Social Distancing!" my Pomeranian, and my German Shepherd pup.


This is a Prada baby! This baby Pom has found his forever home!

I'm sharing as I will be breeding Prada later this year, for beautiful Pomeranian puppies!

Stay tuned!


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