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Puppies! Due ~Dec.5th, 2021~

We are Expecting Puppies, starting Nov. 25th will be our 1st litter and then 2 Litters

Due on Dec 5th!

A Friendly Reminder

So I have some clients on my waiting list from 2019-2020, these are very patient clients, looking for a very specific Pomeranian. Colour/Gender/Temperament/Desired physical Attributes for specific Jobs/or Needs. These clients will be asked to contact me ON THE DATE Of DEC. 5th-this so that I know you're indeed still wanting a Puppy!


Polite Ethics

Occasionally Clients get restless and decide to buy from an emotional reaction, to a Puppy [picture], posted by another breeder-This is fine, but How do I know you no longer want a Pomeranian Puppy? I ask that you show me the mutual respect to "inform me" that you are no longer wanting a Pomeranian Puppy. I've been in the breeding world for over 36+ years, and in particular, with the Pomeranian. I know of or Know other Breeders, and not just in Alberta, so please be kind, let me know you have purchased elsewhere, and give me the heads up if you have changed your mind about purchasing a Pomeranian Puppy, from us at Pom Parti Paws. To give you an example; I will get on average 20 inquiries every month (last year 2020 was upwards of 90 in a month-due to the pandemic) This is a lot for my contact list, so I spend much of my time answering every text and email-everyone wanted to be on my waiting list-I know many other breeders also faced this, with the Pandemic. There were several times where a Client had their name down on my list, as well as other Breeders. My time is Precious to me, so I would rather spend time talking to a client about a puppy, than facing 6 phone calls of people who have bought elsewhere.


Giving your Pom the Foundation For A Life time

I had to close my waiting list last year because I can only provide a select Number of Pomeranian Puppies each year. I'm a Trainer first, then a Breeder this means that I know how much time I need to properly care for/Train/desensitize/give love to each Individual puppy, and of course my adults. I will not breed more puppies than I can handle-this is after all, All About a Precious little Life that I need to give the very best of everything too. I properly and gently form the basis or ground work, that will carry your Pomeranian through out it's lifetime.


You Need To Contact or Stay in Contact, With Me

Please know that because I receive so many inquiries every day, I need you to keep in contact with me. I do my best to reach out to you, if I have your name on my list, but it is also important for you to reach out to me close to the date of Expected Birth! Also, because we get so many inquiries, I need your Full Name, Mailing address, Email Address, and Smart Phone Number. You may be surprised to know that I can have 5-8 people with the same first name :)

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