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Pom Parti Paws is Now Accepting Your Name & Information for Our Spring/Summer 2022 Litters!

We have opened up our Waiting List for the 2022 Spring/Summer Litters, that we are planning! We need Your Full Name, Mailing Address, and your email Address. Do you have a Preference to gender &/or colour?

Text this info to Peggy-780 660 6638

Your information is safe with us, we do not share any information with anyone at anytime! We simply require this information, as we must compile a Waiting List, and you might be surprised at how many Names we get, that are either identical or similar-this helps me distinguish each Client on my list, Thank you for your understanding.

We are excited to Welcome a New Tri Parti Coloured Boy into our "Pom Family." We love what he will add into our Foundation Pomeranians; from a Diverse Pedigree to his very bold colours! His Grand Sire is a USA Champion!

We have also added two Beautiful Girls, one is a Stunning Chocolate & Tan, and one is a Tri Parti! These girls will be bred late in the 2022 season, as they are still young.

Here is a peak at Our Newest " Girl" Additions!

"Tia" Our newest Tri Parti Girl!
"Tia" Our newest Tri Parti Girl!

"Roxy Roller" A Stunning Chocolate & Tan Girl!
"Roxy Roller" A Stunning Chocolate & Tan Girl!

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