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Life Has a Purpose!

I have been shown unconditional Love from all of my Canine and Equine "Family"

In the last 5 months I have experienced Pure Blessings of baby puppy arrivals, to enormous Loss on many different levels.

I am a Lover of all animals, I am Breeder, I am a Ret'd. Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach, I am a Retired Canine Master Trainer, I am the "voice" for the Canine (Behaviourist), I am many things, to many people.

This past 5 months I have experienced a Pulmonary Embolism-this is the second time in as little as 2 years-the first being life threatening-of which I'm still recovering.

I am my mother's caregiver, as she is in her end stage of Renal Failure, and multiple other medical challenges like Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)-so when I get a call-I have to change my plans as they were and GO!

My adult children and grand children have lost their Father & Grandfather-much to soon!

Yes, there has been a lot of challenges in my Family, and in my life, loosing 5 family members in 2 years, it takes it's toll-however throughout all of this Loss, and changes, my love for my animals, Dogs and Horses, is what has kept me putting one foot in front of the other.

I could go on and on, but I will not, because I choose to focus on the positive things, people, and my beloved animals.

When I breed a certain Pairing, I do so with the belief that my Baby Pomeranian will find a Loving Forever home, where he or she will be loved, cared for-I also do so believing that this pairing will produce better than the two parents-and that I have done all the research required to make this so! There is no greater Joy in life than holding a new born Pom baby in your hand, that is so Tiny, and yet has so much determination to thrive! To watching this baby go to their forever home, where the love will be bestowed upon them everyday, in multiple ways! This is why I do what I do!

I show my Pomeranian whenever time permits-In 2019 this has been challenging due to many factor's mentioned above. I love showing my Pomeranian dogs, as it keeps me focused on bettering the breed, and having some fun while doing that! Showing will keep you honest in your belief of what you have produced, it also show's you where you may need improvement, as your Pomeranian stands in front of His or Her Judge, and many other's of their peers!

So to conclude, I raise Quality Pomeranian puppies, so that I may share this breed with like minded people, who also have much love to give!

There are those of you who have wondered why I didn't finish Casanova in 2019, when all he had was 1 point left to acquire his Canadian Championship-Please read above and perhaps you may understand...

Life Has A Purpose.

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