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This is CARA-A very Loving  and ever so intelligent girl! This sweetheart is a Foxy Daughter, Foxy was retired to her forever home, and so we have kept back one of her daughters!  Cara is an Orange Sable Parti. She is a solid girl, with short legs, a cobby body, lovely colours, proper ear set, great conformation, and movement!

Cara will be providing us with beautiful babies in 2021 and beyond!

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Mila is a black and white Piebald Parti, Piebald refers to her pattern. Mila is a very solid little girl, and has given us some fabulous pups both in disposition and in conformation/colours! She has given us a wonderful and rare Wolf Sable, she carries Blue as well. Mila is a fantastic girl, and has a coat that would rival any male pom!

Mila is the Dam of TINY on our Stud Page!


Tuppence is a Black, Silver and Tan Tricolor

This little Lady loves to be held, and cuddled, she would prefer this to be all the time! She is 5lbs 1 oz, so small, with a finer bone structure than most of our girls. She has wonderful puppies with the same attributes!

Tuppence will be bred to our Wolf Sable boy's to produce "wolf Sable" puppies for you in 2020!


Katie has been Retired to her forever home!

Katie is a black & white Extreme Parti, meaning she is all ice white, with the exception of her black ear, and some lovely black spots on her tail. Katie is our smallest at only 4 lbs 11oz. She has the best mothering instincts to date! In fact she "mothers" any puppy and "protects" that puppy! This speaks to her wonderful disposition and strong instincts!

Katie has had only 1 litter, and she is 3 years old.


Holly is a Chocolate and Tan Parti

This wonderful girl is very well bonded, it was love at first sight for both of us! Holly is sweet, playful very loyal and loving.

We expect great things for this lovely girl. Holly carries a diverse pedigree, with tons of colourful ancestors! Her coat is super thick for a female, and her chocolate colour is very dark!

DOB 2015, she is now 5 yrs. old,  Holly had her first litter she was 2 years old.


Bailey is a very light cream. She is our little star! Bailey is very loving, and intelligent.

Bailey carries a very unique & Rare spotting pattern. Bailey will form our Solid Rare coloured Pom Breeding Program, and she will also be adding to our Parti Coloured Pom Babies, produced for your consideration. Bailey has grown to 7 lbs, and had her first litter in 2019. Bailey has become a weebit darker as she is now mature. New pictures below :) 


We have Retired Belle into her loving forever Home!

Belle is a blue merle parti and bred by Pom Parti Paws!

This little sweetheart is a Mila daughter, and a perfect example of the quality we strive for.  She adores play time and quality cuddles! She has an abundant coat, which is a rarity in some Merle bloodlines. Belle is an amazing nurturing Dam to her babies. She also gives us 80% Merle Puppies, so a higher than Average ability (average would be 50%) in giving us Merle coloured babies, for your consideration. She is striking, and very loving, we are so happy that she is ours. 


Marble is a dark blue merle and tan with parti factor. She is bred by Pom Parti Paws! This little girl is going to be another small Pom, with a big presence. She is an Alpha girl in every way! She keeps us on our toes with her zest to play, but also thoroughly enjoys her snuggle time too! She has very striking eyes, with being both Blue & having Brown flecks. Her unique and stark colouring makes her a one in a million!

Marble  has produced consistant gorgeous Blue Merle and tan babies in since 2020, and will again in 2021 & beyond! 


Prada is a lovely addition to our breeding program of Wolf Sables/Sable! Prada is a Girl that is full of life, a "look at me" attitude, a nice coat, beautiful tiny face with big expressive eyes! She also has a sensitive side to her, where she just loves to be groomed, spoiled, and cuddled! Prada has produced lovely puppies for us! 


Prada is a bit bigger than most of our Pomeranians, however she is still within the CKC Standard.

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This sweet little girl is known as DIMINUENDO

We call her Demi, for short :) She has lovely dark pigmentation in an Orange Sable colour! Demi is from a  Canadian Champion Sire: 

CH. Alexandroffs Morgann Wolf/owned and Shown by Lori {Dave} Reinhardt.

We have big plans for "Demi's" future, as she is only 2.2 pounds at 12 weeks old, we shall see what her future holds. This little sweetheart is full of love, and cuddles! She does voice her opinion, however, when another Pom takes her toys! Thank you Lori! Demi is another one of our  lovely "SHOW" Poms! As an adult she is just under 4 lbs so very tiny!

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This Darling little girl is known as Dreamer! She has a very gentle Soul,  who is a sweet and very loving little girl who aims to please everyone! She will come up to you and look you straight in your eyes, as if to say, please may I have some cuddle time? Her gentle heart, and way of being is pure sweetness! She is a very heavy coated daughter of Casanova (My Show Male) that is a very light Wolf Sable.

Colour genetic testing will be done shortly, please be patient while we test all of our breeding stock-this will take time!

New pictures to follow, after she has gone through her "puppy Uglies" stage :)


This precious little girl is a Pom Parti Paws bred Cream Parti Pomeranian. This little girl has a coat that is amazing-in all likelihood her coat probably weighs more than her actual body weight! All kidding aside this is Loni "out of coat" after a shedding this fall [2020] we do keep her in a bit of a trimmed down version. I know in these pictures she looks ice white, but she is an extreme Parti so over 90% white, with 10% cream colour. She forms our Parti Breeding program, and potentially a Show Prospect for us, given her conformation! Loni is a very sweet girl, that has a happy loving disposition at all times!

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