Available Mature Dogs

We have no Retiree's available as we currently have a list of Clients waiting on these girls to retire later this year! Thank you to all the dozens of people that have contacted us to give a retired Pomeranian girl, a forever home!

I have three Pom girls that have all been spoken for, should this change I will post right here.

Sorry, I can not take any more names for my list. Thank you!

General Pricing for Poms can be found on the Home Page

Please scroll down for Our 2020 Expected & Confirmed litters!

Please feel free to contact us!


All Our Pomeranian Pups/dogs are Canadian Kennel Club  Registered


1st Vaccinations/ de-wormed

Health checked on Eyes, Heart, Patellas, Fontanelle, Testicles, Balance, and overall General Health, by our Licensed Veterinarian. 

Then they are Certified [health cert] at 7 weeks of age, and at 8 weeks ready to come home to you!

In addition to this we have "Profiled and PAT tested" your puppy and will have given you insight into their disposition (through weekly updates as they grow)  & their Ultimate Potential.

Please note- we cannot & do not guarantee colour or size, Pom babies go through many changes in their first year of life-I cannot foresee the future where this is concerned.

I do use as much science as possible, and information/charts to determine the most likely Colour &/or Size.

Scroll down for our Gorgeous 2020 Arrivals

BAILEY is confirmed Pregnant!

We have 2 white Pom babies spoken for, from Bailey's Litter,  these clients have been waiting many months for these babies.

Should there be additional puppies, they will be made available & Posted "Here"

Thank you!

UPDATE! as of August 23-2020

BELLE is confirmed pregnant! We have many clients looking for our puppies, with two confirmed on my previous waiting list

should there be additional puppies out of Belle, they will be posted here and made available to you!

{Belle is very heavy with babies}

picture of Belle on the "Girls" page, as well as below here.

Please note we are no longer taking names down for puppies.  I will post "HERE" that they have been born if they are available to you, thank you for understanding. Peggy

I have posted pictures [below] of previous puppies from past litters for your'e enjoyment!

The above Pomeranian babies are examples of what we have provided in the past for our Clientele.

The above picture is of Marble

Here we have some examples of the colours we may see in Marble & Belle's litters-of course there are many other possibilities for color, I have only listed a few here on this slide Gallery.

*Please Note*

 We are honoring those of you on my previous waiting list. 

However going forward as of [May 29-2020] we will not have a waiting list for puppies.

Please email, or Text me, and I will get back to you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Pom Parti Paws | PO Box 1333 Tofield AB T0B 4J0 Canada | info@pompartipaws.com

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